For the past three years I have been spending January thru March in central Florida.  It has taken a lot of time to learn how to fish those southern largemouth but I have gotten a little bit better every year. This year I actually entered into the BIG BASS TOUR event held on the Harris Chain of lakes in Leesburg, FL. On the first morning of the tournament at about 9:45 am I landed and 8.18 lb. largemouth on a self made white on white on white spinnerbait. 
The fish hit like a ton of bricks and I knew right away she was big.  Then when she left the reeds and leaped completely out of the water I said, "Oh my god". After a short fight I coaxed her into the net and when I laid her on the deck, I knew I had a new personal best.  She ended up second biggest bass in the 10 - 11 am slot and won me a nice prize.

This year I also kept track of all my, weather, wind, air temp., water temp., what lake I fished, how many bass I caught, what pattern. what lures, time of day, etc. etc. I'm hoping this info. will help me out in future years.

To sum it up, I went out 25 times and caught a total of 135 largemouth bass.  My five biggest were 8 lb.- 3 oz., 7-15, 6-8, 6-4 and 6-1.  I also caught a lot of 4's and 5's.

If you're ever in Leesburg, Fl from January thru March, look me up and we'll go out for some southern hawgs.

Posted by Captain Garrett Green